Meaning of life

I always thought that the people don’t think enough about the reason of their existence. I mean, they think they want to have a good job, to learn a major field of study and go on form that, but that is not really a meaning; Work, get paid, work more, get paid more.

What is really the point?

If you do work almost half of your time on the week (taking off the time you spend sleeping), what you are going to do with the rest of your time? You should spend time laughing with friends, but you actually spend time on noisy clubs, or taking pictures of places without really knowing what is around you. And really, what is the point of that?

The idea of happiness on my mind is a house or a bar, full of people that I really care, and like to spend time with – here comes the idea of people that you feel comfortable with, not some that you have to fake yourself for them to accept you, or you to accept yourself among them -, and a long indirect conversation with them about everything. Your girlfriend or wife (that is probably your best-friend) should be with you, and all of your friends like (or at least support) each other.

Nothing smile-related has connection between money for me. I had crappy moments on the most beautiful and expensive places in the world, and had amazing times on the crappiest places ever – or even on the street with a couple of friends on a Christmas evening. I love the simple moments when you just laugh at the most ridiculous joke some friend told you, rather than enjoy time on the Paris Hilton birthday party, that I sneaked in (that actually happened).

I see the importance that the study and work have, but it’s more related with self-confidence, self-esteem, and joyfulness at making something new. It’s not even about the amount of money that I will make on the end of the month. I like to learn, I like to make new things, I like to have my hand on some major system that is being used on the market. But I certainly want to spend that whole money on something to eat and drink on the day that I will get my main idea of happiness.

Everyone, please, lets just close this bar for today, and really talk everything that we can think about. I don’t care that I am tired because of the work, because I work also to have this moments on my life.

Even for the poor. I mean, ok, they have to work more than I do because I am on a privileged financial situation than they are. However, they do need to spend their free time just enjoying life (or trying to), or it’s just a waste. Of their lives.

Waste your own life, that is kind of poetic, but it’s more like a sad conclusion of what people really do right now. Live just to cause good impressions for others, just to have more and more money, just to buy a new car, have a new house, a new DVD player that they don’t even have the time to use – or when they use, they are alone.

By addition, on my point of view – that is really close to part of the point of view of the movie “Into the Wild” (excellent movie, by the way) – is that no full happiness is archived alone. I don’t say that you need a girlfriend or a boyfriend, yet you definitely need a friend. Share moments with someone that you care and like is one of the best things that exist on the human life. Nothing beats that.

Finally, answering a question from the beginning of the text, as you can see, for me the main purpose of life is happiness. That is not even remotely changeable or arguable.


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